Love Bee & Art by Marcela Joy


We are a small ethical art-craft Irish company interested in going back to nature, health and joy.

BeesWax Food Wraps and Bags
Sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap, and sandwich bags. Cover a bowl or a jar, pack a snack, wrap up cheese, fruit, vegetables, cookies, sandwiches or even your dog treats. Use as a place mat, or bundle up hiking and backpacking tools, utensils, and toiletries for zero waste camping.

Also makes a great earth friendly gift for those always on the go!

By switching to reusable wax wraps a family can save up to 400 metres of plastic cling wrap every year

Irish Beeswax food wraps and bags, a gorgeous mix of natural beeswax, coconut oil and organic peppermint oil, are breathable antibacterial, antiseptics and anti mold.

These will keep your food fresh for longer than unbreathable and toxic plastic.

This is a new revolutionary, reusable, non toxic, plastic free, sustainable, biodegradable, compostable, and eco-friendly food wrap. It has been created to preserve your food, and to protect your family, naturally!

It’s time to say goodbye to plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and bulky storage containers!

A small step on the ladder to zero waste.

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