Local Books


Freshford Families in World War I” (a Scoil Lachtaín school project 2015) lists the stories of 45 soldiers and 1 civilian from Freshford who participated in the Great War.


“Frigger’s Alley” (author: Ned Kennedy 2018) is a collection of stories, songs and poems from Freshford together with a history of 170 years of entertainment in the parish 1847-2017. 


“In Slips” (authors: Ned Cuggy, Ned Kennedy and John Meagher 2020) is a history of the first 100 years of coursing in Freshford 1920-2020.


“Edmund Fitzpatrick Artist and Illustrator” (author: Ned Kennedy 2022) is an account of the life and work of the nineteenth century Freshford-born artist.


“Freshford ”  (Mike Cormack 2022) – a survey of 20th century home ownership in the village and a compilation of Mike Cormack’s photographs of people and events around the parish over the first two decades of the 21st century.


“The Land Movement in Tullaroan, Co. Kilkenny 1879-1891” (author: Ned Kennedy 2004) focuses on local people and events during the turbulent years of the Land War. 



“Freshford Panto – the Odeon Years” (the Acorn Club 2013). This is a collection of 10 of the popular “Topical Songs” from this Golden Era of pantomime in Freshford.


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